Girsan MC312

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  • Polymer Stock and Forend
  • High Visible Sight
  • Inertia Single Action Shotgun
  • Black or Camo Versions
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Your go-to, every-day or truck-gun is here. The Girsan MC312 12 GA, 28” inertia S/A shotgun is an unbelievable value for a shotgun that will never let you down. As proof of its never-ending performance, EAA ran a 5000-round test with no cleaning. Not a problem. EAA loaded up more punishment, a 10,000-round endurance test with no replacing of any parts. Needless to say, the Girsan MC312 shotgun took its punishment like the champ it is. Home defense, hunting or target shooting, the MC312 shotgun might be tough enough to outlast you.






If the gun is owned by the original owner then the original owner should send the gun back to EAA at:
COCOA, FL 32922

Please include all contact information including your phone number in letter form and a copy of the purchase receipt along with the gun.

*Please document and retain the serial number of the gun for your records.*

If the gun is a used handgun and the owner is not the original owner, then the factory warranty is no longer valid. EAA will still service the used handgun, but there will be an estimate for the repair. The service tech(s) will not begin repair work until the customer has been notified with an estimate for the repair.



If it is a long gun and is owned by the original owner, the gun can be sent to EAA for repair. This will require that the gun to be returned to our service department at:
COCOA, FL 32922

Please include all contact information including your phone number in letter form and a copy of the purchase receipt.

*Please document the serial number of the gun for your records. Some long guns only have a 1 year warranty.*

If the gun is a used long gun and the owner is not the original owner, then the factory warranty is no longer valid. EAA will still service the used gun; but there will be an estimate for the repair. This will require the gun to be returned to our service department.

Please include all contact information including your phone number in letter form for the service tech(s) to reach you with an estimate of service repair. The service tech(s) will not begin repair work until the customer has been notified with a estimate for the repair.



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24 reviews for Girsan MC312

  1. Jeremy

    The MC312 is a steal for the money. I have shot over 200 rounds of 7 1/2 1 1/8 oz shot 2 3/4 1200 fbs field and targert load, not one failure to feed, eject or fire. I replaced the recoil pad with a limbsaver airtech recoil pad, stoeger m300/m3500. The Fit is almost perfect. Maybe a 32nd of a inch off. I am very happy with my MC312. Only wish Girsan would make a 20 gauge, and 410 .

  2. Barry

    I’ve been shooting a Benelli SBE for 20 years duck hunting, I bought the 312 as a back up
    My Benelli needed some new parts which cost more then the312. I now use and like the312 better! I also own a Eaa 45. And that to is an awesome fun.

  3. TriggeraJunkie

    I like the gun but want to know if can get a defense- length barrel for it? Say a 20””?

  4. Jim Orth

    A 3 1/2″ gun that is not heavy to carry. I have carried Benelli SBE guns. They feel heavier and bulkier.
    Nice handling enough for pheasants, and ceracoat weather protection for waterfowl. And a flawless inertia action.
    If you want an inertia gun for low $ this is for you. I also have a Montefeltro, which is better handling and better machined. For 3 times the money!

  5. Joe E

    I purchased the MC312 and really like it. Looking to fire some rounds to break it in soon. Can steel shot be used with Mod choke? I have always shot steel in Mod chock in other guns but the manual says to use Improved Cylinder or Cylinder Choke. Is it safe to use Mod choke with steel in this gun?

  6. Justin Carpenter

    Great gun can’t go wrong….only downfall is they have the worst recoil pad I ever seen ..might as well use metal one

  7. Joe Horowitz

    I bought mine two months ago. and I am satisfied with the shotgun. I use it for shooting Skeet and Trap..
    I have run factory shells and reloads through it with no problems. In my opinion the recoil is slightly more tan a gas gun.
    It points naturally. and makes a good target shotgun for a vey reasonable price.
    I recommend buying the Girsan.

  8. Quinn

    Great gun other than the fact it has light primer strikes. Only shoots small amount of shells

  9. Peter Alonso

    Love the gun! Where can I find a shorter stock for my wife ?

  10. Sgt U

    After 6 months and hundreds of rounds on trap and sporting clay ranges I have yet to have a single malfunction. Light (to me) well balanced, and steel pipe reliable, I love this shotgun.

    It has everything I need and nothing I don’t. You can find prettier weapons, but I doubt you can find a substantively more effective one.

  11. Jeff Summers

    I bought the MC 312 Goose and love the fit and finish. Shoots like a dream. My question is when are you going to make a 20 gauge version???

  12. Ulisses

    The Best in my opinion for a low cost semi auto on the market and with the inertia system, no brainer bought 2 of them. Shot everything I put thru it from 2 3/4 cheap 1350 fps – 3″ #2 & BB for geese you will not be disappointed buying one, It uses the Mobil choke system and you can add a mag tube extension with just a little mod to the stock mag tube. There is a you tube video on how to do it and it works I have it on my Goose gun.

  13. Jorge Estrella

    I got the c312 gobbler …. I put thru about 150 round thru it , used the full choke and also an after market turkey choke (*) , the red dot was adjusted prior to firing so I can do final tweeks at the range , first shot 40 yards dead on same at 50 very very pleased with it , but fail multiple times ejecting shells and chamber not staying open after the last shell fired …. tried different amo and results where more or less the same !… possibly it need more breaking in before it’s flawless, but yes Big Bang for your buck , still waiting for stock up in Canada to get a second one for backup !

  14. Christopher

    I am getting ready to buy this gun But I noticed that only has a 28-inch barrel do you make a 30in or even up to a 36 inch barrel cuz I’m going to use this gun for duck hunting and especially goose hunting

  15. Dale S.

    Do you offer any shims that would fit between the stock & receiver, so that you can the point of impact?

  16. Tyson

    So far happy with the gun but a few things I have noticed The length of pull is a little long and not adjustable the butt pad is great shape wise but is not very soft. also would be nice if they sold a stiffer spring for it to help cycle the 3 1/2 shells as that is all I am using this gun for. but overall I am happy with the gun

  17. Henry

    Do you have or Are there aftermarket stocks available to shorten the length of pull on the MC312?

  18. Jose B Figueroa Jr.

    I purchased an inexpensive 12 GA for trap league this summer. I am handy capped, I never shot trap before, I wanted something affordable in case I did not like it…. But I did. There are guys with 4-5 thousand dollar 12 gauges. Good for them, I might get one some day. But today I am hitting 20 out of 25 and 40 out of 50 regularly. It is a light nice to swing from left to right and quick for target acquisition. It came with good choke and I shoot the improved at 16 yards and modified further back. I really do not think I could have gotten a better gun for my first gun right out of the box.


  19. Joseph

    I’m looking to purchase your 312 model and was wondering if I can add a pistol grip to this shotgun as you can with the goobler or would I have to buy the rear stock in order to do that, also do you plan on offering an adjustable stock for people who require a shorter stoxk

  20. Dwayne Owen

    I have a question that hopefully some other end users have come up with a aftermarket “fit” for another manufacturer that will also fit a MC312 camo tactical version, and that being a magazine extension tube. Nothing exotic only 1-2 more shells. If this aftermarket fit has been found, can you tell me what it was ? Preferably maybe in the Nordic line ? Thanks, I’m hoping you can give me good news in this area. At least tell me the Girsan’s magazine nut threads are the same as some other manufacturers so at least there’s a chance for a fit. Thanks in advance for any info you can send me.

  21. Lee Sykes

    I really would like to shoot this model in left hand. I read above about the 111440 but that is gas operated and this model is inertia operated as the Bennelli. Hope one day this model too will be offered in left hand. Let me know if there are plans for it in the future.

  22. Nathan Korb

    I had just purchased this shotgun through a second-hand store and didn’t come with choke tubes. I am mainly going to turkey hunting with this gun and will be using Long Beard XR shells. I am wanting to get a Carlson’s choke tube for this gun, do you know what kind of threads the gun has and if it will fit a Carlsons choke tube? Thank you.

  23. Brayden Goehring

    Very interested in getting this shotgun but I’m left handed to you intend to make this MC312 for left handed shooters also?

  24. Brian Kennedy

    The MC312 is definitely a huge value for the money and would still be impressive at a higher price point. The machining is comparable to my Benelli M2, and the finish is smooth and even. The gun cycles very smoothly and it balances well between the hands. I have been VERY impressed with the reliability of my MC312 also. Not having a lot of high powered rounds handy, I broke it in with 200 rounds of 1 1/8 once 2 3/4″ field loads and never experienced any failure to feed, fire, and eject. In fact, even with the field loads ejection was nice and positive. At present, I have fired somewhere north of 300 rounds without a single malfunction of any kind. I am VERY happy with my purchase of the MC312!

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