This has been an eventful Friday for us, because we have TWO NEW videos up on our YouTube channel. In one video we address alllllllll the Girsan 1911 models and even take you into the range with them! The other video is the unboxing of our NEW MC312Gobbler shotgun from Girsan – with a little humorous twist (make sure your volume is up!). Check them out below or head to our YouTube Channel HERE

In this video we take a look at the All New EAA MC312 Gobbler from Girsan. Enjoy this quick unboxing, overview and assembly.

For more information on the MC312Gobbler shotgun, click here!

NEW EAA Girsan 1911 Models Overview and Test Firing

In this episode, we show all of the 1911 Series by Turkish manufacturer, Girsan.
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For more information on the MC1911 series by Girsan, click here!
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