Dear EAA Customers and Suppliers,

First, we want to thank everyone that has bought or is thinking about buying an EAA Corp product. Second, we would like to thank all of our distributors, dealers and suppliers/manufacturers. There would be no EAA Corp without you.

We started EAA Corp with one idea, give the American Firearms Consumer the best value in firearms. We have searched the world to bring you quality firearms at affordable prices. You may ask what do we look for in a product or a manufacturer: a) Good Safe Designs b) Quality Material c) Quality Manufacturing Process / Procedures d) Unique Designs e) Dynamic Manufacturers f) Reasonable Price and g) Reasonable Fit and Finish.

EAA Corp products are meant to be used, go ahead kick the tires and lift up the hood and get it dirty. We have a few sayings at EAA Corp that tell the story: “No Wall Flowers at EAA” or “If you want a wall hanger buy our competition” or “You can pay more and get less” or “Beautiful guns don’t hunt” or “Dependable guns are not always pretty” or “Beauty is only skin deep” or “You don’t hunt in dress shoes”. All of these saying tell you the core EAA Corp philosophy, good quality products at a reasonable price.

We are one of the few firearm companies that have not had large price increases in the last years. We accomplish this by having sharp buyers, good products, office automation, and hard-working, efficient staff. The key to our competitive edge is our staff. We would like to end this letter thanking our staff for their hard work and dedication. We ask our customers and suppliers to respect our staff and remember they are only human.

Now some simple ideas:

  • Read and understand your instruction manual before using your firearm or airgun
  • You only get one set of eyes and ears, wear protection when using or handling firearms or airguns.
  • Treat any firearm or airgun as if it were loaded at all times. Keep the safety on and always point it in a safe direction
  • Always clear the action of any airgun or firearm before handling
  • Safe airgun and firearm handling is no accident
  • Get proper training on airgun and firearms handling

President of EAA Corp.